Intelligent living in Mallorca

Everybody is talking about the Smart Home. But what exactly is an intelligent house and which benefits does it offer? Toni Xavier Pericàs of Mésllum has the answers.

Intelligent living in Mallorca

What is a Smart Home?

Smart Home is a new concept of home automation, which adapts completely to your lifestyle. You can control illumination, air condition, shading as well as audio, security and energy saving functions from the distance. The system works autonomously, its functions are connected between each other and adapt e. g. to the weather and your activities in the house. For the intelligent house we are working together with the brand Loxone Smart Home, a cooperation partner, who we trust 100 %.

Can this new technology be installed in older buildings?

As with any other installation it is preferable to plan it ahead and integrate it in the building immediately. For a subsequent installation the alternative is to work with a radio system. That way you can convert your home to a Smart Home without having to install additional wiring in the house.

Can I manage my home in Mallorca from anywhere in the world?

The Smart Home can be remote-controlled from a mobile device (such as smartphone or tablet) or any other random browser, no matter where you are at that moment. You can see your house any time and receive a call, an email or a push message whenever there is an incident, so that you can react quickly. There are various applications with which we can even generate temporary access to the house with the help of a password. Or, you can see, who is knocking on your door and activate security or video surveillance, if required.

Which operations are possible per remote control?

Theoretically the complete home installation can be remote-controlled, which generally is not desired in the day-to-day life. You can configure the air condition in such a way for example, that at the same hour every day upon returning from work your house will have a pleasant temperature. Should you come home earlier for some reason, you can quickly correct the climate configuration per app. With this app you can also define various settings for illumination and shading, the current energy consumption or the charging level of your e-car.

Which advantages does the Smart Home offer?

For us the Smart Home is synonym for security, comfort and energy saving. You do not have to worry about your home anymore, you always know, if you forgot to close a window, you know the position of shades and awnings. You can set the desired temperature independently on your whereabouts or switch to a sustainable energy saving mode when leaving the house. The Smart Home is compatible with all other appliances as they are being controlled via the same system.

Can it be dangerous in the Smart Home, if the technology should fail?

Once the system is programmed and activated, it operates autonomously, the intelligent home works without connection to the internet. The installation has a special encryption for the user login. The data is being saved on a mini server in its own system and not saved in a cloud. For every possible error the user receives a message and a technical support service is available 24/7.

How much is such Smart Home-technology?

The installation of a Smart Home is not as costly as many might think and manageable financially. Of course, the price depends on the type of installation, on your house, the location and the desired applications. Compared to a conventional electrical installation the expenses for a Smart Home are 10 to 20 per cent more - a reasonable price in our eyes, considering the amount of possibilities, that are Smart Home offers.

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