Unique items with some island soul

Unique items with some island soul

A couple living in Binissalem is designing furniture and decorative interior design items made from wood and stone, the material coming from their family-owned finca. The unique items are being created in cooperation with the client.

Do wood and stones have a soul? And if so, is it possible to make it visible? Yes, says Maria Antònia Marqués. At least every piece, that she and her husband Álvaro Garriga create, has a unique story to tell. Together the couple are the heart of Con Alma Design (translating “design with soul”), a workshop for furniture and items of interior design in Binissalem. The special thing about them: The designers work with wood and stone from their own finca.

Furniture made from olive and almond wood

They have installed their workshop on the finca Bellveure, which has been family-owned in 6 generations. The location could not be any more suitable for the creation of beautiful items while being inspired by nature. The country manor with its enchanted patio is over 700 years old and the wood for the furniture is growing on their estate. They don’t cut their olive and almonds trees, but they wait until the branches drop off by themselves. Just as well, that in the course of the years a large amount of wood could be collected. If new wood falls off the tree, patience is needed: The material has to be cut in slices and left to dry for three to five years.

The branches and logs of the pines are being cut in a controlled manner, always in nights of the new moon, which guarantees, that the wood does not rotten. Large tables can be made from the wood of pines, something that is barely possible with the wood of olive or almond trees. Those pieces are smaller and can perfectly be used to make stools or slats. A series of planks of olive wood is lined up in the workshop, ready to be sent to a client in Los Angeles in the next couple of days.

Exquisite slats made of sandstone from Binissalem

Every project starts with a talk, to find out, what exactly the client wants and how that can be made reality. For a dining table of 3 metres length and 2 metres width for example, European and American timber such as oak and beech are necessary, which are being bought additionally. Every piece is unique and custom-made. A unicum too certainly is the table in the workshop of the designers, which is made of almond wood. To find a piece like that one must wait many years, says Maria Antònia Marqués. The table top has a hole which has grown naturally, the colour shading of the wood stands out particularly well.

Each a unicum too are the exquisite slats made from sandstone, the stone being mined from the family-owned quarry. Depending on the grain the slats shimmer blueish, violet, beige or white - Binissalem ist not being named the “village of the multi-coloured stones” for nothing.

Those slats - the German kitchen manufacturer Bulthaup just ordered many - are perfect to serve cream cheese and paté with style.

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