Luxury not only for cineastes: How to install your home theater

Luxury not only for cineastes: How to install your home theater

Fernando Antolí Palmer, Sales Director Audio & Video at Espacio Home Design, creates personalized audio and video projects with the client. Its services includes multi-room audio and video systems, multi-room control, design and development of special cinemas, home theatres and high-fidelity devices. Fernando Antolí Palmer invites his customers to try out the audio-visual experience in the new Scena Experience Centre in Palma with more than 400 square meters of innovative solutions.

I want to install a cinema in my house, how much space do I need?

A cinema starts at about 20 m2. The smallest projection screens are 80 inches (about 200 x 115 cm) in size and you need at least 2 - 2.5 meters from the first armchair or sofa. If the minimum area is smaller, we would adapt it with different devices.

Which screen sizes are there?

The screen size is determined by two aspects: the average distance from the viewer and the width of the room. For example, if we place the armchairs or sofas 3 meters from the screen, a good size would be 3 meters wide, which corresponds to a screen of about 120 "(diagonal).

Do cinema and living room fit together or does it always have to be an extra space for the home cinema?
There are both ways to equip the living room with a home cinema installation (mostly the classic 5.1) or install your own cinema to enjoy a magical movie experience with a Dolby Atmos configuration. Of course you can also listen to high-quality music in your cinema room. A cellar, a hidden room or a corner of the house are ideal places for a movie theatre. Corners, which are usually used as storage space, get a new quality and give the entire house a commendable plus.

What is the latest picture and sound technology?
4K projectors are currently the most avant-garde technology until they are replaced by 8K technology. In terms of sound, there are basically two industry standards for creating the surround effect, the well-known Dolby and DTS. Among them, the best known is the Dolby Atmos system, which introduces the elevation factor for a full three-dimensional effect and creates a sound that takes us to the centre of the scene, be it a movie or a concert. To the basic versions of 7.2 and the classic 9.2, we add four speakers each in the ceiling, which create a three-dimensional effect that leads us directly into the epicentre of the scene.

Is it easy to operate the home theater?
Sound systems, projectors, mobile screens, televisions, amplifiers, Bluray, Apple TV, lights ... these are too many elements to control them manually. Therefore, we recommend our Scena Cinema InTouch, which contains all these controls and is controlled via the iPad or an intelligent remote control. Big icons and simple commands turn the best cinema system into something that's easy to use.

Cinema chair, sofa, couch - which seats belong to the home cinema?
Each option is good, as long as it fits aesthetically and, above all, is comfortable enough to enjoy long cinema hours. If the seats do not fit, different sofas or armchairs can be a perfect alternative. "Puffs" on the floor, big pillows or just the comfy sofas are already known.

Can a cinema be installed anywhere, even on the terrace?
Naturally! Gardens, terraces and swimming pools are places where you can relax and enjoy the good weather, why not with good music and good cinema?
In this case, the right choice of the projector is crucial. For exterior projections it is recommended to have at least 2000 lumens. After Lumen, the contrast ratio must also be considered. The higher the contrast, the sharper and more vivid the picture. As for the sound, built-in outdoor speakers are a good option. All parts are prepared for humidity and temperature fluctuations.

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