European Championship of hot air balloons on Mallorca

European Championship of hot air balloons on Mallorca

From 22.-27. October, the European Championship of hot air balloons will take place for the first time in Mallorca. More than 100 hot-air balloons from 25 nations will be coming to the island for the "XXI Fai Europeans Hot Air Balloon Championship 2019" and will fly five days in the sky over Mallorca.

See Mallorca from above
The organization of the event, to which visitors from all over the world are expected, will be handled by Ricardo Aracil from Mallorca Balloons in Manacor. Catalan native from Barcelona has been offering balloon rides over Mallorca for 30 years. Whoever hovers in the sky with the hot air balloon experiences an overwhelming feeling of weightlessness and freedom. If you want to ride the hot air balloon yourself, you can complete the training as a hot air balloon pilot with Ricardo Aracil.

Take off from your own Finca
The view from 300-500 meters altitude provides new island perspectives, on clear days you can see not only Formentor from a bird's eye view, but the island of Cabrera and perhaps also Menorca. Balloon excursions start from the Balloon Station at Manacor or from your own Finca - if there is a take-off and landing opportunity. The private flights for 2-8 people can take place in the morning or in the evening, on request a "stewardess" serves a breakfast for the sunrise.

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