Flying in luxury to Mallorca in a private jet

Flying in luxury to Mallorca in a private jet

The market for private jets in Mallorca is growing. Owners of a yacht or a luxury property in Majorca like to charter a plane or even own a plane. Gestair operates the private aircraft terminal at Palma's airport and also arranges aircrafts. Mar Pascual, Commercial Director of Gestair, answers the most important questions about private flights to and from Mallorca.

Mallorca Gold: Which country is home to the most private planes?

Mar Pascual: Most come from Spain: Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Menorca, Valencia, Alicante and Gerona, and of course from all over the world, from Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, various Arab countries and the USA.

Who are the passengers who come to the island on a private jet?
Mar Pascual: Depending on the season, the flights are leisure or business flights. Many of our clients have a property or a boat in Majorca.

How many private jets landed in Mallorca in 2018 and is expected to increase in 2019?
Mar Pascual: 1164 private planes landed in Son Sant Joan in 2018, compared to 899 in 2019, and by the end of the year we expect a slight increase compared to the previous year.

How many parking spaces for private jets are there in Majorca?
Mar Pascual: There are 41 parking spaces for private jets in Palma.

Can I land on Mallorca at any time with my private jet or is there a shortage?
Mar Pascual: The operating time of Palma Airport is 24 hours, but in the summer season there are many requests and sometimes the parking spaces are crowded for the night. In the winter season it is much easier to get slots and parking for the night.

How much is the cost of parking your private jet on Majorca's private airport?
Mar Pascual: This depends on the type of aircraft, for a small aircraft of type CJ1 costs the stay up to 24 hours 55 €, for a large aircraft of the type Global Express 485 €.

Which are the most elegant and expensive private planes landing in Mallorca?
Mar Pascual: The machines of major aircraft manufacturers for companies: Gulfstream, Dassault, Bombardier, etc.

Do you also arrange one-way flights?
Mar Pascual: Of course, our flights are possible on request. The customer decides on date, start, destination etc.

How many own machines and pilots does Gestair have?
Mar Pascual: We have a fleet of 37 aircrafts and our crew consists of more than 100 people.

Does Gestair offer flights to destinations all over the world?
Mar Pascual: Yes, and we even fly to airports where no regular scheduled flights land.

How much is a private flight within Europe?
Mar Pascual: Fares vary for each type of aircraft, depending on the time of flight and the number of passengers. In addition, the needs of each passenger are taken into account: tailor-made catering, stewardess, etc. For example, we can offer a private flight for 8 people to Paris for under € 10,000.

Which extra wishes do you fulfil on board?
Mar Pascual: Gestair has been specializing in providing superior passenger service for more than 40 years. We do not just take care of the catering on board, but also the wishes of the customers on the holiday island: cars, yacht, fresh flowers or tickets for the opera. By the way, only a few days ago we hired a clown to entertain the children on board.

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