The perfect connection between art and real estate

The perfect connection between art and real estate

Angela Käufer has known Mallorca for over 20 years and has been living in Palma for five years. Through her work for renowned galleries in Palma and art lovers in the area, she has made her passion for art and interior design into a profession. With ART ADVISORY Palma, she offers independent and expert advice on the search for new works of art and ensures that the selected works in your home stand out. Her artists come from the Spanish-speaking world and Europe.

Mallorca Gold: Which artists are currently well-known in Palma?
Angela Käufer: This is not easy to answer. The island is full of great artists, local as well as international, who have made Mallorca their adopted home. The array of art on offer ranges from abstract art, painting, sculpture, photographic and digital art to art installations and performances. This includes artists who exhibit internationally and already have already made a name for themselves as well as young, emerging artists. And the number is growing!

Why are there so many galleries in Palma?
Angela Käufer: Palma is the city with the highest percentage of galleries in Spain. There are large international galleries as well as smaller boutique shops where one finds extremely decorative work. Every 3rd Saturday in September, the "Nit de l'Art" takes place in Palma where more than 30,000 visitors from all over Europe gather to attend the contemporary art event. Another aspect is Mallorca's international and art-keen audience. More and more people make the island their second home or decide to live here permanently.

Is there a preference for Mediterranean art in the south?
Angela Käufer: It's less about preferences for one specific art direction and more about the personal and national background of the buyer. The question is for which location do they seek the new work; for the island or their home in Germany, England, Scandinavia or Switzerland? Should the new work be an addition to the existing collection, or would they like to build a collection? Does one see the acquisition of the artwork as an investment or purely for its decorative character?

Does the taste and choice of a work depend on nationality?
Angela Käufer: German residents often like their property to reflect the colours on the island. Fresh, bright, decorative and often by a local or Spanish artist. The Scandinavians get enthusiastic about photographic and digital art and it is often more angular in nature. In Scandinavia, there are excellent photo artists and furniture designers but there is less abstract painting be found. The Mallorcan preference was traditionally more classical works in darker colours. This has changed with the new generations and has become more abstract and bright, also due in part to the upcoming artists and new techniques in art, such as digital art.

Do I have to adapt my interior to my taste of art and vice versa?
Angela Käufer: Not at all. There should be a symbiosis between the two. If the property is already furnished, that does not mean that everything must stay as it is. The interior often develops a completely different feel when things are moved around. Of course, a suitable new work can also be wonderfully inserted into the existing ambience. A great work can truly unfold its beauty if it has room to breathe and the eye is not distracted by the environment. The important thing is always the combination of colour, light and the right suspension or position of a work of art.

I'm looking for a special piece for my collection so what shall I do now?
Angela Käufer: First, I need to know what you are looking for. Will the art serve purely as an investment, as an addition to an existing collection or solely for a decorative purpose? Next, the customer needs to send in photos of their property as well as their existing work and provide a budget. I send suitable work via WhatsApp or email to make things easy and save time. I choose artists from my portfolio, but I also look for works around the world to see what I can obtain. If it is a work of a local artist, usually a meeting with the artist can be organised and the images can be brought to the customer for a trial view. On site, I help to optimally position artwork. It is often enough to hang a picture or change a piece of furniture so that the customer can see it come to life.

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