The "Formula One" of the sea

The "Formula One" of the sea

Puerto Portals will be, for the fourth consecutive year, the scene of one of the most emblematic competitions in the nautical world, the 52 Super Series Puerto Portals Sailing Week, held between 20th and 25th August in the framework of one of the most prestigious marinas in the Mediterranean. Álvaro Irala, Director and Captain of Puerto Portals, explains what awaits the spectators in the "Formula One" of the sea.

Mallorca Gold: In 2019, the World Championship will be held in the port. What does this mean for Puerto Portals?
Álvaro Irala:
Out of the 5 events of the 52 Super Series held in 2019, the one in Puerto Portals is the most important. It is the largest concentration of TP52 class ships in the world and one will become the champion here.

What are the highlights this year?
Álvaro Irala: Some new ships were built and the improvements in terms of design and technology are very important in the formula one of the sea. The season is very tight and extremely exciting, with very little difference in points (only 22 points of difference) between the 1st and 5th place. Any of them could take the final trophy.

How many participants are there and from which countries?
Álvaro Irala: 11 vessels participate, of which there are 2 American, 2 British, 2 South African, 1 Italian, 1 German, 1 Turkish, 1 Russian and 1 French participants. In addition to the flag of nationality on the boat, crews from the 5 continents sail on the ships, from more than 20 countries.

What spectacular boats can people see?
Álvaro Irala: All boats are spectacular. Although they are very similar to each other in design, there are small differences. The most characteristic is the colour and the spectacular quality of the colours.

What about the regatta, how does it work?
Álvaro Irala: The regatta takes place in the bay of Palma. A route is formed between buoys that the ships must overcome by moving only with the force of the wind and the skills of the navigators. Being a closed class time does not matter here, the first one to arrive wins.

What kind of program will be offered for the visitors of this sport event?
Álvaro Irala: Visitors can enjoy and share with sailors the spectacular port departures and arrivals every day. There is always a good atmosphere between sailors and visitors who can get very close to the boats. You can also enjoy the Saling Lounge, where live images of the race are broadcast while enjoying a good cold drink. There are also concerts and DJs some of the evenings. The best time to walk and visit the regatta on land is from 4pm to 7pm.

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