Mix cocktails like the pros

Mix cocktails like the pros

For a summer night with friends in Mallorca, also includes a good cocktail. If you do not want to mix but want to create the perfect drink for your guests, you will attend a crash course at the European Bartender School in Palma. Manager German Renthel explains what makes a professional bartender.

Can one compare the art of mixing a good cocktail with the art of cooking?
Renthel: Definitely. I'm convinced that there is a comeback of the bartender career, comparable to today's cooking trend. Cocktail Mixing is all about craftsmanship and first-class service to give customers an extraordinary experience.

Anyone can learn how to mix cocktails, but not everyone will become masters?
It depends on the commitment of each individual and on the personal interests of the bartender. It makes a difference whether you spend years behind a bar or start from scratch. I believe it takes a lot of commitment and devotion to become a master in his field.

What do you learn in a two-day compact course at the bartender school in Palma?
The two-day mixology course we offer at the EBS Mallorca is aimed at bartenders who want to take the first steps. You will learn to make your own favourite drinks, syrups, shrubs and foamy textures. Classic cocktails are reinterpreted and you learn about the history of cocktails and cocktail blending.

Which cocktails belong to the classical repertoire, which a good host should have ready?
I think you should always have a selection of cocktails with different tastes in the repertoire. A “mojito” for those who want a refreshing drink, a “good old fashioned” for someone who prefers a classic, and for a brunch you have a sparkling Bellini ready. Each occasion is an opportunity to surprise the guests, such as a sunset Aperol Spritz, classic and delicious.

Which summer cocktails are trendy in 2019?
There are endless summer cocktails and many classics are coming back or never been out like Mojito and Gin Basil Smash. Margaritas and Daiquiris are popular because of the variety of their fruit flavours. For a hot day I recommend a good Mexican Mule or a Paloma with grapefruit flavour. Super refreshing.

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