"Felices Pascuas" in Mallorca

"Felices Pascuas" in Mallorca

Penitential robes and drumbeats instead of Easter Bunny and eggs: Dull drumbeats, chain rattles and masked groups of people, who walk silently through the streets with pointed hoods on their heads: Easter is one of the most impressive events of the Catholic faith community in Mallorca.

Big Easter parades through Palma
In the Holy Week from 15 to 21 April, the villages and towns turn into the scene of a strange exotic and partly gruesome spectacle. The Easter processions begin with Palm Sunday (14 April), until Good Friday, a procession takes place practically every day, 15 of them in Palma. Highlights include the big parades on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday with over 4,000 participants in the capital, lasting well past midnight. Dressed in penitent robes and with pointed hoods on their heads, the brotherhoods carry religious statues on heavy platforms through the streets. The tradition has its roots in the 16th century and is a remnant of medieval folk plays. The hoods of the penitents provide anonymity and serve as a distinctive mark of the brotherhoods.

Solemn processions in Majorca's villages
Especially the processions in smaller towns have become an unintended tourist attraction in Mallorca. In villages such as Sineu, Pollensa, Alcúdia and Artà, the most important stages of the Passion of Christ are staged movingly and visitors can experience the solemn, mysterious feeling of former penitents up close. In our calendar of events we have compiled the most important processions for you.

Maundy Thursday (18.4.)
Palma, 7 pm, Misericordia (at the end of the Rambla): The "Cristo de la Sang", the most revered figure of Christ on the island, is carried through the Carrer Oms, across the Plaça Major to the cathedral.
Sineu, in the evening, center: Procession of the penitents with drums through the small streets.

Good Friday (19.4.)
Palma, 7 pm, Plaça Sant Francesc: "Procession of the Holy Entombment" through the eastern part of the old town via Plaça Santa Eulalia to the Església de Ntra, Sra.
Pollença, 9 pm, Church of Calvary: The figure of Christ is taken from the cross and the 365 steps of the Calvary are carried down to the parish church of Nostra Senyora de les Angeles.
Artà, 21.30, Sanctuary of Sant Salvador: "Descent from the Cross" and procession with the lifeless Corpus Christi in a glass coffin to the parish church.

Easter Sunday
On the morning before the Mass, the joyful procession "L'encontre", the encounter between Mary and her resurrected son Jesus, takes place in many communities of the island. Men carry a statue of Jesus, women a statue of the Virgin Mary, they let the statues bounce up and down to illustrate their joy.

White Sunday (28.4.)
Traditionally, bread was distributed among the poor, today families and friends get together to picnic and eat together. Meeting points: Castillo de Bellver Palma, Castillo de Alaró, Hermitage of Sant Blai Campos, Puig de Santa Magdalena Inca, Mont-i-sion Porreres, Santuari de Gracia Llucmajor.

Cocarrois is the name of a traditional Easter cake filled with meat, fish or vegetables. They are particularly delicious in the Bakery Fornet de la Soca, Plaça de Weyler 9, Palma.

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