Mediterranean dream garden according to plan

Now, it is the right time to plan your dream garden around your luxury property on Mallorca. Jardins Tramuntana are experts around your Mediterranean garden.

Mediterranean dream garden according to plan

Johannes Dütsch, who is self-employed graduate engineer landscape architecture and managing director of the planning department of Jardins Tramuntana will explain us the new trends of 2019.

What service does Jardins Tramuntana offer owners of luxury villas with gardens in Mallorca?
Johannes Dütsch: we offer the complete care of your exclusive private garden. Together with an engineer or landscape architect you will plan the plant selection and the design, afterwards, 80 gardeners of Jardins Tramuntana, will execute the building plan. All plants can be seen in advance in our 2 hectare large garden centre. Then, we will take care of the care of the garden, to ensure the guarantee of the plants.

Garden by the sea or in the countryside, which differences are there?
J.D.: although the size of the island is manageable, climatic conditions and soil conditions sometimes vary within a few square kilometres, depending on whether the garden is on the seafront, inland or in the Tramuntana. For example citrus trees: on the coast, they absolutely need to be protected from the wind, otherwise they will not give a nice image after the first storms.

Which plants have always been typical of Mallorcan ornamental gardens?
J. D.: on the island´s largest and oldest fincas are plants that are easy to maintain, don´t need too much water and are resistant to disease. A typical example is the real date palm Phoenix dactylifera on the frontside of the house. It is visible from all sides and signals, that everyone in this house is welcome. Another classic is the hackberry Celtis australis in front of the house or in the large courtyard of the finca. Among them were often tied several dogs, mostly Pastor Mallorquins, who guarded the houses. In summer, the tree provides shade and in winter it lets the sun's rays through.

Which design trends are there for terraces and gardens in 2019?
J. D.: a novelty, which we are just planning for a boutique hotel in Palma, is called “Jardin Mobilie”.  These are flying trees, with hanging plantings that circle each other in a ten-meter-high courtyard. For us planners, it is a creative challenge to always come up with something  new and unique. Green walls are still in demand indoors and outdoors.

As owner of a luxury villa, I would like to enjoy my garden from the very first day. Which solutions offers Jardins Tramuntana?
J. D.: We work with all nurseries in the Mediterranean area and thus have access to all qualities, that is, to all sizes, shapes and the value of a plant. It is therefore easy for us to design and build a garden that, when completed, looks like it was built a hundred years ago. Especially since we can also resort to olive trees that are over a thousand years old.

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