Revetla de San Sebastián

The island’s biggest barbecue-party was on again. What we are talking about? Well, San Sebastian, the patron saint of Palma is being celebrated every year in January. And this celebration always lasts a week.

Revetla de San Sebastián

So, on Saturday there were grills set up by neighbours, by bars and restaurants and by the city council on the various squares in town and everyone brought their meat and sausages and veggies and gathered round the glowing coal with friends and neighbours and other strangers, who might have become friends at the end of the night.

All of which was accompanied by live-music of various kinds, like rock, jazz, flamenco, swing, electronic, to name but a few. Palma was not only the largest barbecue area on the island, but also the largest open-air disco for that night.

Another spectacular part of the festivities is the “Correfoc”, which translates “fire run”. It’s a little spooky though, when a group of individuals, dressed as demons and devils, armed with pitchforks, set off fireworks among the crowds of spectators. It’s always better not to get too close or dress accordingly. It definitely is an event worth attending at least once!

Make sure to attend it next year and get the festivities’ agenda in time. You are guaranteed to spend a good night in town.

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