Our membership with the foundation “Amics d’Es Caló des Moro”

Of one of the last paradises on this island.

Our membership with the foundation “Amics d’Es Caló des Moro”

Only a few weeks ago we were welcomed warmly by the founders of the foundation “Amics d’Es Caló des Moro”, Hans-Peter Oehm and his lovely wife Maren, in their gorgeous home sitting on the cliffs above one of Mallorca’s most famous beaches, Es Caló des Moro. Also considered one of the last paradises of Mallorca.

Unfortunately, its fame has led to overcrowding in summer times, which however is the least of the problems, that this comes with. Many of the bathers, who come to enjoy the beauty of this little piece of paradise are neither aware of the fact, that they find themselves on private grounds, nor of the fact, that a paradise can only remain a paradise, if you look after it with care. Many are being irresponsible and “forget” to take their rubbish with them, others flick their cigarette butts into the sand, fruit sellers leave the remains of their daily work right there, attracting not only flies but also rats. Plus, especially on such a tiny beach, all this rubbish is destined to end up in the sea, destroying marine life.

When the couple bought the property of approximately 40.000 m2 over 20 years ago did they not only prevent the construction of a hotel complex, but they also had a major cleaning act ahead of them, for that piece of land had been used for camping and as a landfill. With their own hands - even their little daughters gave a helping hand - they freed the property off all the rubbish, which took them a few years altogether. Then they planted almost 2.000 indigenous plants, installing an irrigation system to help them grow, yet only some of them prospered. But the good news is, that many animals and birds have already returned to the area, establishing their homes here.

To help continue the good work, i. e. the care for this amazing little oasis accessible to the public, Mallorca Gold has become a member of the foundation, trying to do their share of keeping this little piece of paradise alive by donating money to a good course.

Find more information and photos of the good works of the foundation as well as the donation form right here:

Foundation "Amics d'Es Caló des Moro"


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