Our new catalogue is out!

“Stand out from the crowd. Proudly.”

Our new catalogue is out!

A motto, that our cover photo is reflecting as it is reflecting our company’s philosophy. Find out, what a difference we make.

Regarding our new catalogue, we let our creative minds go and now we are finally holding the result of that in our hands. It is mostly joy, but also a tiny little bit of pride, that we feel, for we think, that we have managed to present a carefully chosen selection of luxurious properties from our portfolio in a rather elegant way.

The master mind behind it, was our marketing director Fred. But of course, the “little elves” behind the scenes also did a great job.

Although it’s a huge amount of work to create something like this and it’s only new, we already have a few ideas on what the next one could be like.

In times of modern technology, we can offer you a digital version, which you can be found on our homepage. The beautiful hard copies are available in all our offices as well as in the Cappuccino-cafés.

And right here you can see our making of-Video with some scenes from the catalogue cover shooting:

 Video of the making of the cover of our new catalogue Autumn/Winter 2018/2019

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