Dreamlike living - Interview with Terraza Balear

“Relaxing, natural, elegant” those are the trends at the furniture exhibitions in Cologne, Milan and Barcelona. Interior designer Elena Gimenez of Terraza Balear talks about contemporary designers, new terrace furniture and what makes the look of fincas in 2018.

Dreamlike living - Interview with Terraza Balear

Your favourite pieces this season?

If we are discussing a new interior project, we do not decide according to individual pieces, but follow a concept, a mix of seasonal objects and beststellers, which we consider the best option. Amongst our favourite designers are Antonio Citterio, Vincent Van Duysen, Rodolfo Dordoni, Patricia Urquiola, Monica Armani and Sebastian Herkner.


Which look is the trend on fincas in Mallorca in 2018?

Large windows connect the exterior with the interior and flood the house with natural light. The combination of materials and textures play a fundamental role, just as much as neutral natural colour shades, which are what gives each house a homely, warm character. Regarding furniture, our bet is on contemporary Italian furniture, adapting it to the Mediterranean style of the villa.


Will industrial design remain trendy?

Industrial design does have its enthusiasts, but we do not touch this sector.


In which living areas is luxury particularly important?

For buyers of luxurious properties luxury matters in all of the living areas. For us however it’s not luxury alone, but a combination of quality, comfort, design and functionality. Briefly said, we turn houses into a home.


Does the classic living room / bedroom still exist? How do those look nowadays?

Yes, of course the division into separate rooms is still very important to safeguard privacy. But indeed, the day area is more and more becoming an open area, where you relax, eat together or work.


A healthy lifestyle rules for many. What does that mean for home furnishings?

It becomes more and more essential to pay attention to the importance of interior design and hence ensure, that every room has a good functionality, offers comfort and radiates warmth. A harmonic room transmits the feeling of being at home, it helps us to relax and feel at ease.


What’s new regarding terrace furniture?

Terrace furniture merge more and more with the interior, to make the house and its exterior areas become one sole living area. Terrace furniture have the same importance as the interior and for us it’s crucial to select them accordingly to match the interior. The material being used is becoming more and more revolutionary and resistant, so that they can withstand the impact of wind and the salty air of the sea. High quality materials but also ergonomic shapes warrant for terrace furniture to be just as comfortable as interior furniture.



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