Nit de Sant Joan - The shortest night of the year

Candles on the beach, barbeque coal glowing, fireworks and cinnamon-vanilla cream

Nit de Sant Joan - The shortest night of the year

Estonians celebrate "Jaaniõhtu", the Swedes call it “Midsommar”, the English named it „Saint John’s Day“, the Polish say „sobótki“ and in Mallorca the shortest night of the year even has three names: „Nit de Sant Joan, meaning the night of the Saint John, or „Nit de foc“ (the fire night) or „Nit de Bruixes“ (night of the witches).

In Majorca the night of Saint John will be celebrated on Friday, 23rd June this year, when families and friends will gather on the beaches to have a BBQ together, to bathe in the sea and to light candles and small camp fires at nightfall.

Further you will find fireworks and dancing devils and demons in Palma and all over the island, who roam the streets with bangers and drums to drive away the evil ghosts of winter.

And no Mallorquin will go to bed that night without having taken a bite of the Coca de Sant Joan. This fluffy sweetbread, filled with a vanilla-cinnamon-cream and decorated with candied cherries and limes, is traditionally baked on the occasion of the shortest night of the year.

Nit de Sant Joan - a wonderful recurring ceremony, which you really should not miss!

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