Festivals of Sant Sebastia 2017

As every year, throughout the week third week of January (until Sunday 22 January) the locals of Palma celebrate the fiestas of Sant Sebastian, with more than 70 festive acts.

Festivals of Sant Sebastia 2017

Among the programmed activities are the concerts to be held in the "revetlla" on the night of January 19 in all squares of Palma.

The most well-known and expected activity of Sant Sebastian is the famous Correfoc, which will take place on the 21st. In the Correfocs, typical of Mallorca during these festivals, people can “dance with the demons” that dance amongst fire and music.

In addition, Palma City Council has cultural activities such as the cycling dyad on the 20th, or the Palma Photographic contest on the 22nd.

This year, as a novelty, a multicultural show has been prepared for the 22nd, in which Mallorcan culture and Chinese culture will be mixed: the famous Drac de la Coca Mallorcan and a dragon and lion will join the festival and dance Chinese.


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