Two new international schools have recently opened in the north of Mallorca

Due to its numerous international schools, Mallorca is one of Spain’s top destinations to welcome new foreign residents.

Two new international schools have recently opened in the north of Mallorca

Until now, the north of Mallorca was known for its lack of international schools. But this has changed. In May 2016

Rafa Nadal Academy opened in Manacor, followed by the Mallorca International School in Crestatx (Sa Pobla), opened in June 2016.

Rafa Nadal Academy, as the name implies, was opened by the famous tennis player Rafa Nadal in his hometown of Manacor. The academy opened in May 2016 and has weekly and monthly programs and a summer camp. In the academic year the academy will combine tennis and an American education curriculum.


As the “Rafa Nadal Academy” website specifies, the school facilities include an exclusive residence for students, 26 tennis courts with different surfaces (outdoor and indoor), fitness center, 2 swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), football field, sports court for different sports, 10 paddle courts, restaurant, café, a shop, a clinic specialized in sports medicine, physiotherapy and nutrition, green areas and gardens.


The Mallorca International School, located in Crestatx (Sa Pobla), is based on the educational experience of the British national curriculum. 80% of the curriculum will be taught exclusively in English by native well qualified British teachers, and the remaining 20% of the curriculum is divided between Spanish and Catalan languages with Spanish teachers.


The education obtained in this school will be recognized by both Spanish and British authorities and offers a great advantage: after graduating at 18 years of age, students will have the opportunity to continue their studies in the best universities in the world.


The school is committed to “guiding children to learn, to be motivated and to increase their interests while they are offered the necessary support along their personal development”.

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