Director´s statement to COVID-19 in Mallorca

Director´s statement to COVID-19 in Mallorca

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We are almost there as Corona virus will step back soon and Mallorca will offer the best for you as usual! Summer 2020 will definitely be unique in the history of the island and will probably be the only summer to enjoy the island with very few tourists. March and April have been very rainy and warm so the nature has literary exploited and the island shows its best shape since many years.
In this Newsletter I would like to share some Facts & Figures with you about Corona Virus in Mallorca and would like to provide you with some useful tools to be able to follow this Pandemic in Mallorca from your homes.

As you can see on the below sheet, even though Spain has been affected dramatically, Mallorca has been an exception - only Murcia has less contagious until now (0,69% from whole Spain) and than comes the Balearics (0,88%).


On 28th April President Pedro Sanchez has defined these four phases for our Lockdown:

1-    Phase nil: from 4th to 18th May

- Individual sports and family walks
- Small businesses only with appointments
- Bars and Restaurants can open but just for “take away”
- Hotels remain closed

2-    Phase one: from 18th May to 1st June

- Reduced social contact allowed 
- Retail and commerce units can open at 30%
- Terraces of bars and restaurants at 30%
- Hotels at 30% without communal areas

3-    Phase two: from 1st to 15th June

- Social contact with more people
- Weddings and funerals with reduced number of people
- Trips to second residences within the same province
- Commercial center can open at 40% but not their communal areas
- Bars and restaurants also inside at 30%

4-    Phase three: from 15th to 29th June

- Back to work
- More people allowed on weddings and funerals
- Commercial center can open communal areas
- Bars and Restaurants to 50%
- Hotels open social areas and all to 50%
- Discos and Nightclubs at 30%
- Cultural activities up to 800 people
- Beaches, Golf, Sports open

All the above phases will be different from region to region and each region can only enter the next phase if the previous one has been reached successfully and the pandemic is under control. Considering all the statistics, Mallorca will definitely fulfill the requirements of each phase quicker than for instance Madrid or Barcelona.

All in all, if I had to answer the most important question: WHEN CAN I COME BACK TO MALLORCA?, I would say: end of July 2020 as earliest. The international airport traffic has to be regulated by the EU and I really hope that by the middle of July this will take place.

Regarding the Balearics in the peak of the Pandemic on 31st March, 93 beds out of a total of 174 beds of the intensive care station were occupied which means that a 46% was still available and even more beds could have been added either in the Congress Palace or in Palma Arena. 

We are very proud to have this infrastructure in Mallorca leaded by Son Espases
Hospital and Son Llatzer Hospital. From 8th April the number of recovered people outnumbered the positives. You can follow the new data  provided by IB-Salut on a daily basis by clicking on the following link or on the below chart:

For Golfers: Can you imagine how our 23 Golf courses look like after a rainy spring, yet lots of sun and after 8 weeks with NOBODY on the fairways? Multiply your optimistic vision by two, they are waiting for you!

For sailors: The best two months for enjoying the best part from Mallorca: the sea are without a doubt, July and August, however, unfortunately most bays and beaches are packed with tourists but NOT THIS SUMMER. You will be able to anchor in the 3-finger-Bay, Camp de Mar or Port Andratx without any problem this year.

Should you have any further questions or doubts reading the above mentioned information, we are more than happy to receive your e-mail or telephone call.

We are looking forward to seeing you very soon but until then, take good care of yourself and stay safe at home.

Daniel Chavarria Waschke
Managing Partner

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