Sail ahoy!

Sail ahoy!

Only with an awning terraces in the south are really usable. Bernd Wittmann, expert for luxury awnings, answers the most important questions about high-quality sun protection. His company Incompar is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and has just opened a brand new showroom in Campos.

Awning is not the same as awning, what quality differences are there?
Bernd Wittmann: Our awnings are manufactured and qualified in Europe, that means without plasticizers and colourfast. A computer program calculates the shape of the cloth and the fit of the eyelets precisely for the place of use. Subsequently, the cloths are welded with a hot iron, so that no seams are visible even on larger surfaces. Our awnings remain stable in the wind - in contrast to inexpensive sails from the hardware store, which can never be completely flat, but can only be stretched with a slight curve.

Is the UV light completely absorbed by the awning?
Bernd Wittmann: There are different wipes with 50 to 100 percent UV protection. In Mallorca, I recommend customers a sunscreen of 70 percent, lack of light under the sail is compensated by a lighter colour cloth. Incidentally, an awning also protects against moisture. The special material keeps the cloth dry and ensures a pleasant climate on the terrace in the evenings.

Awning as an architectural element?
Bernd Wittmann: Awnings usually cover terraces and pools, but they are also used as elements that connect houses, creating new spaces between them. They protect against noise and provide more privacy as well as comfort.

Which awnings are now trend?
Bernd Wittmann: Camouflage nets as before in the military. Our chill-sails nets are made individually, in different fabrics and colours. They have this typical foliage effect, give a nice play of light and shade and provide up to 90 percent sun protection. In terms of form and size, almost everything is possible with this material.

How much does a professional awning cost?
Bernd Wittmann: A 25 square meter tight sail costs from 3000 euros. A system that spans 90 square meters and can be opened and closed is available from 20,000 euros. The price depends also on the handling of the sail. The sails can be moved with a hand crank or automatically open and close with an electric radio control. They are available with sun and wind monitors, they can be equipped with a rain sensor, easily controllable via mobile phone.

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