Mallorca Gold Volleyball Team - Club Volei Sóller (CVS) wins the COPA DEL REY championship

Congratulations CVS!! - Keep going strong!

Mallorca Gold is the sponsor of the volleyball team of Club Volei Sóller (CVS), who became champion in the category U19 (juveniles), winning the last tournament held at the “COPA DEL REY” in Guadalajara. They played against Cieza Murcia in the final and we are proud to be able to announce, that CVS Mallorca Gold won 2 - 0.

CVS Mallorca Gold had also won the previous 5 matches before the final, each time with a 2 - 0 and hence obtained the title of “Best Team” amongst the 22 in total.

Congratulations CVS!! - Keep going strong!


Your supporting and sponsoring team of Mallorca Gold

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