Portals, Bendinat 2016: Real Estate Market Report

Great performance from this area in comparison to 2015, specially in Old Bendinat where big villas between 7 and 9 Mio were sold, also at the top of Costa den Blanes. In 2014 this area sold properties in value of approx. 85 Mio EUR, in 2015 approx. 100 Mio EUR and the explosion came in 2016 with approx.  154 Mio EUR. At present, also a lot of activities for new deliveries in the upper part from Portals, around Calle Victoria, Old Bendinat and Costa den Blanes, will also contribute to maintain or increase sales in this area.

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* For introduction or information from where we collect our Data please review our first page from 2016 Market Report Southwest.

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